Double Beach Front Lot. Bay of Conception.

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Naranjo's Punta Arena Subdivision
Bay of Conception
Mulege, BCS/Mexico

Price: 120,000.00 USD
Square Area: 9,465 Sq. Ft (879 Sq. M)
» Boat Dock
» Waterfront
» Waterview
Yard and Outdoors
» Mountain View
This is the prime lot in the Playa Los Naranjos Punta Arena subdivision. Front row location on the end of the street with 127 feet of white sand beach frontage with a cove. The property is 131.24 ft X 126.71 ft. and 9,465.02 square feet. The Playa Naranjo's complex has a marina, rest/bar and launch ramp. The property has a legal subdivison and transferable Fideicomisco (Bank Trust). Infrastrructure, septic, water, roads, landscaping and sand beach.

Restaurants and shopping can be found 10 minutes away in the quiet town of Mulege where the date palm lined river meets the sea. 90 minute drive from the airport in Loreto. A 2 1/2 hour flight from LAX.

You'll have direct access to the beautiful bay. You won't need to travel to a swimming, fishing, or boating destination. You'll live in one. The land and seascapes are panoramic in the relatively unpopulated Bay of Conception. At your back, a forest of towering cordon cactus dots the sloping rise to mountain peaks. In front of you, the ankle high waves murmur against the shore as they have for thousands of years. Watch the moonrise from the shore and you'll never be the same.

We found this property after searching for a beachfront that met our needs. We wanted a place that was accessible but secluded with nearby amenities in not too large of a town that was free of crazy spring break fever. Since losing the equity in our California property, building a home on our dream property in Mexico is no longer possible for us but perhaps it is for you.

We recommend the Playa Frambes Lighthouse Resort for a close, nice place to stay and check out our property and the area. You can see the resort in the background of our second picture or visit their web site for more details:
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