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Zielona 10
corner of 18 Wolczanska st.
Łódź, Poland 90-418

Price: 1,900,000.00 USD
Square Area: 52,500 Sq. Ft (4,877 Sq. M)
Acres: 0.38
"The Center of Europe" Building.
Ideally suited for bank/corporation/company regional headquarters on account of its unique location, this property is situated at the very center of Lodz, which is itself located at the geographic center of both Poland and Europe (maps 1 & 2), at the intersection of E1 and E2, the two main N/S and E/W highways of Central Europe, (partially still under construction, see map 3), along the future trans-European HSR East-West corridor (map 4) , 50 miles from the future site of a major intercontinental airport. The building sits in close proximity of the new Lodz Central Raiload Station (under construction), at the intersection of the principal municipal public transportation system lines (maps 5 & 6).

Basement level + 5 floors. Registered historic monument. Built 1890. Until 1939 an apartment building. Adapted for office purposes in 1940 (town hall and cirquit court offices). Currently unoccupied, making it easily adaptable to a new owner's desired purposes. Other possible uses: apartments, offices, hotel, school. trade center etc.
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