The Real Estate Marketing Toolkit – 37 Places to List a Home

Considering the beating many local real estate markets are taking right now, selling a home is more than putting a listing in the MLS; smart realtors are using a variety of synergistic sales strategies to ensure their clients’ homes sell relatively quickly, and for an attractive price.

That said, in a competitive marketplace it pays to utilize the most efficient marketing tools available. The Internet is certainly one of the most important lead generation tools we have, but after you’ve started your own Web site, it can be tough to know where to go from there. How can you get more exposure for your properties? Here are 37 places online where you can list a home–starting with a special category for those of us on a shoestring budget.

10 FREE Places to List a Home:

  1. – The internet’s greatest online classifieds site also does real estate. List your properties here and be exposed to one of the highest volume sites on the internet.
  2. – is designed for people with 1-50+ properties. Here you can list your properties and easily manage your portfolio from anywhere in the world with their web-based system.
  3. – is a site designed to connect buyers with sellers for free. The site has many great features for realtors, including the ability to list properties and tell buyers about your business.
  4. – lists realtors and properties by state and allows realtors to list properties for free. It is also a great place to find more information about the online real estate business.
  5. – is designed to provide a space where you can easily list your real estate property online for free. The site allows you to list and have full control over your listings for free.
  6. – is another free site that allows you to easily list your properties for a worldwide customer base. In just a few clicks you can have your listing up and running with detailed information and pictures.
  7. – allows you to create home pages that list the details of your business and properties that you have for sale. In addition to opening the doors to the international real estate market, the site also is listed on many city pages.
  8. – At you can list for free your homes with an easy to use self service listing or use their automatic listing and updating service. The site also offers unique listings by neighborhood in cities across the United States.
  9. – is a free site that allows agents to list as many properties as often as they want for free. The sites are grouped by states and can be viewed by the worldwide market of buyers for free.
  10. – offers free real estate listings grouped by state. It also provides insightful articles on the online real estate business that are updated regularly.

10 Places to List a US Homes:

  1. – is the second most visited real estate website and has nearly 5 million unique visitors each month. It provides detailed information on the real estate market, both local and online, as well as listing services for realtors.
  2. Yahoo! Real Estate – Yahoo! Real Estate offers realtors access to the Yahoo! Community and brand and provides home listing services that are listed and searchable by various detailed criteria.
  3. Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate – Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate page is the complete guide to the real estate business as only the Wall Street Journal can provide. It also allows realtors to advertise their properties targeted at the Journal’s audience of affluent readers.
  4. – is unique in that it is tailored to selling in specific local markets. Realtors can have their properties listed by city, neighborhood, or zip code.
  5. – has one of the most advanced search engines on the web for locating real estates. It has over 100 searchable fields that allow buyers to find listings quickly and efficiently.
  6. – allows realtors to advertise listings on their site, as well as to create an agent profile page with pictures, email links, and copies of posted ads. The site offers several payment plans to pay for their services.
  7. – provides the public with simple access to real-time real estate information and listing capabilities. Realtors can build a professional, customized ad in a matter of minutes that they can easily edit, activate, and de-activate from anywhere in the world.
  8. – connects all aspects of the real estate market in one site. It offers affordable, competitive rates for its user-friendly, state-of-the-art listings and more site.
  9. – is a site focused on unparalleled customer service, tools to assist realtors in listing property, and the latest technology to advertise properties to a national audience. The company started in 1984 as a marketing firm that specialized in networking for real estate brokers before getting into the online real estate business.
  10. – allows realtors to advertise individual properties, multiple listings, as well as links to their real estate business. The advertisements can include up to four photos, a written description of the property, and contact information for the realtor.

9 Places to List an International Home:

  1. – was launched in 1997 and has everything you need to learn about life overseas and the international real estate market. It allows realtors to list properties in countries all over the world, and provides potential buyers with detailed information on international living.
  2. – is a real estate platform, an international real estate for sale or real estate for rent listings directory. It presents over 100,000 properties for sale and properties for rent from all over the world in a well categorized through a user friendly website.
  3. – is a Las Vegas based company that is widely known as a leader in the international real estate market. It is a great site where buyers and sellers can connect and communicate and focuses on real estate in large cities all around the world.
  4. – offers a virtual meeting place for buyers and sellers of real estate around the globe. Its browsing services connect potential buyers to targeted properties, increasing the seller’s ability to make a sale.
  5. – tailors to international real estate sellers of all kinds. It is also a clearinghouse of information on the international real estate market.
  6. – is an international real estate advertising site that connects potential buyers to the most interesting properties in the world. It allows sellers to inexpensively list properties and reach the vast online market.
  7. – is a site that connects buyers and sellers of all types of international real estate online. The site offers users the ability to list and search for properties and then directly contact the seller to complete a transaction.
  8. International Listings – International Listings is a place to find and list luxury international homes for an inexpensive one-time fee. It allows the agent to display up to ten photographs of the interior and exterior of the property, use unlimited text and contact information, and to update the photos and texts at any time for free.
  9. connects buyers and sellers of condo properties on the world’s largest condo marketplace. They currently have more than 400,000 listings on the site located in over 70 countries around the world. also provides free listings to anyone who wants to place their listing for sale or for rent and offers special advertising solutions for agents and brokers.

5 Places to List a Vacation Home:

  1. – is a listing service that specializes in North American holiday and vacation properties. It was established in 1996 and provides a variety of listings to cater to almost every type of vacation property.
  2. – features vacation real estate in a wide variety of countries around the world for sale and for rent. It has several levels of property listings for competitive one-time fees.
  3. – is another site that allows buyers to directly contact sellers of vacation homes. The site currently generates an average of over 200 views per property per month.
  4. – allows buyers to search for properties based on location, type of property, whether it has a pool or not, and then directly deal with the seller. In a matter of minutes, sellers can list their properties for potential buyers.
  5. – is a vacation real estate listing site that focuses on mountain vacation properties. Its lists properties around the world and searchable by location and type.

4 Places to List a Luxury Home:

  1. – is an exclusive leader in the luxury real estate market. All listings are subject to approval by Luxury Real Estate, which is used by over 600 luxury real estate brokerages around the world.
  2. – allows members to place unlimited qualified listings on their site. This allows unparalleled exposure to affluent buyers and a real opportunity to capture a share of the luxury home market.
  3. – duPontRegistry caters to the fabulously wealthy who can afford gilded luxury homes. The company has published monthly magazines geared to the luxury lifestyle for twenty years and has become a recognized leader in the market.
  4. – accepts luxury home listings from full service brokers worldwide. Here you can showcase your luxury properties and gain international exposure to qualified affluent buyers.